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Industrial Chemicals

We are one of the leading supplier of high quality Industrial Chemicals that are available in various different grades and can be used in various industrial and commercial applications. These chemistry compounds are available in liquid forms with a density greater than water. The offered range of chemicals are free from impurities but are highly toxic or irritant in nature hence it is advised to handle them with extra care by using personal protection gears. Industrial Chemicals availed by us includes toluene, butyl acetate, mix xylene, methyl benzene, chloroform, isopropyl alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone and many more.

Dimethylformamide Dmf

DMF Solvent is a colorless to pale yellow colored compound which is available in liquid forms having a faint amine like odor. This organic compound is highly incompatible with elements which includes carbon tetrachloride, strong oxidizers, alkyl aluminums and inorganic nitrates. It can be used in various industries as fire retardant and to minimize the air pollution. DMF Solvent also known as dimethylformamide has an ammoniacal odor with a density of 0.948 grams per milliliters.

Butyl Acetate

By keeping track with the market development, we are engaged in offering Butyl Acetate, which is used in nitrocellulose lacquers, readily dissolving the resin and imparting good flow properties. In addition to this, this Butyl Acetate has a fruity, banana-like odor. This chemical is also utilized in manufacture of lacquer, artificial leather, photographic films, plastics, and safety glass.

Methyl Benzene

Backed by the team of experienced professionals, we are able to provide Methyl Benzene, which is used to manufacture benzene, urethane raw materials, and other organic chemicals. The Methyl Benzene is available in different packaging options as per the requirements of our clients at highly competitive price. This chemical is also utilized in the production of pharmaceuticals, dyes, and cosmetic nail products.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol is an organic class compound having a chemical formula of C3H8O with a molecular weight nearly equal to 60.096 grams per mol. This colorless liquid has a pungent alcoholic like odor having a density less than water of 0.786 grams per cubic centimeters at a temperature of 20 degree Celsius. Isopropyl Alcohol is miscible in water and various other chemical solvents which includes ethanol, ether, glycerin, benzene, chloroform etc. Buy from us this industrial chemical in bulk at a reasonable price range.

Ethyl Acetate

Chloroform Chemical

With rich industry experience in this domain, we are providing optimum quality Chloroform. This chemical is used as a solvent, a substance that helps other substances dissolve. Further, we offer this chloroform in various quantities to meet the needs of the customers. Apart from that, Chloroform is also utilized as a solvent for lacquers, floor polishes, resins, adhesives and alkaloids.

Toluene Solvent

Toluene Solvent is an aromatic hydrocarbon which belongs to the class of ring shaped organic compounds which physically appears as a colorless liquid having a sweet pungent odor. It has a chemical formula of C7H8 with a molecular weight of 92.141 grams per mol. It is highly flammable in nature hence it is incompatible with strong oxidizers. Toluene Solvent availed by us has a density of 0.87 grams per milliliters at a temperature of 20 degree Celsius.

Methyl Ketone